Overcoming Resentments

Drunks who want to upgrade to recovered alcoholics tend to take a hard look at their resentments. This is a process that can benefit not only addicts, but anyone with a desire to free themselves of resentments as well. A written moral inventory is the fourth step in Twelve-Step recovery and is the first step […]

A Classroom Called Hope

While still an active alcoholic, while still whoring it up on a regular basis, my hypocrisy knew no bounds. Six and a half days a week I was a degenerate, but for an hour on the Sabbath I rested from my degrading ways and taught a Sunday school class for sixteen year olds. Most of […]

Service: The Key to Spiritual Fullfillment

It starts with a Divine spark within. For me it was the smallest of embers after years of drinking alcoholically and living a selfish, self-centered life devoid of helping others. Note that I did not say a life devoid of loving thoughts. I had loving thoughts; I just failed to put them into action. Thoughts […]

Mind Jar Meditation

Lost in the mad rush of modern society is the concept of the Sabbath … a day of rest and rejuvenation. I needed rest and rejuvenation. I cared little of the debate whether the Sabbath falls on a Saturday or Sunday. I cared little of Biblical injunctions on what I could or couldn’t do on […]

Tuning Out W-EGO

Finally! After fourteen years of sitting in meetings in a deaf, but unfortunately not mute, state, I heard the emphasis on seeking and doing God’s will. Striking at my core was a line from the literature that suggested some of us had not prayed rightly. We had prayed “grant me my wishes” instead of ‘Thy will […]