Blogging Again!

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So here is the deal, I have been buried in work. Not surprisingly, when you stay sober for and extended period of time and maintain a modicum of sanity there are those who are will to throw variety of tasks and a paycheck your way. Go figure.

Then my wife took ill. We were blessed to get a lung transplant. The one downside to that is her immune system is suppressed and she catches everything she come in contact with. It probably doesn’t help that I frequent houses of ill-repute on a frequent basis. (And by houses of ill-repute I mean Denny’s… where did your mind go?)

When I started this blog I had a huge backlog of posts written over an extended period of time. I posted aggressively… three times a week. Unfortunately, my writing pace didn’t keep up with the pace of posting.

I’ve been writing. But I haven’t found the time to polish what I’ve done and post. Fortunately I have accumulated a number of half-finished posts that I can draw on. It’s time to post those puppies.

For the foreseeable future (at least until I win the lottery and my wife is at full steam) I will be posting weekly–Sunday is the designated day.

Please feel free to subscribe to the email notification so you never miss a post. I will never misuse those emails… unless of course I go off my meds and decree myself global leader of the new millennium… that could happen… feel free to unsubscribe if you start seeing missives about the impending end of the world and my solutions to said situation… actually you may want to stay tuned in for such a meltdown, ssome of my most bizarrely creative output comes when I am in a full-blown manic state.

Also, I have engaged an IT guy to update the blog. You will soon be able to share posts via social media. Please do… unless the post sucks… which it may… I understand.



Rick B.

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